Bach Flower Remedies for Your Pet

Molly Painting SmallKeep your pets happy and healthy every day! Bach Flower Remedies address any kind of stress or emotional distress your pet may feel.

Dr. Bach explained how emotional and soul imbalances are at the root of physical ailments and illnesses. Flower Remedies can bring negative emotional states like stress and anxiety into balance and this can support the pet to heal from physical illness.

Bach Flower Remedies are 100% natural with no side effects and have been used safely on animals for more than 80 years.

Give the cat lover in your life a gift certificate for a Bach Flower Pet Consultation!

Sessions include:

  • Session by phone or Skype
  • One bottle custom blended remedies (1 oz/30 ML)
  • Email follow-up
  • Discounts on repeat sessions

Help to restore balance whenever your pet is experiencing stress, such as:

  • finicky eating
  • separation anxiety when you travel
  • introducing a new animal to the home
  • changing the location of the pet’s home
  • traumatic event
  • difficult behaviors
  • trips to the vet
  • before and after surgery
  • trips to the groomer
  • stress caused by loud noises

Christy Korrow is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner with the Bach colour_on_white_xlCentre in England.

Cost per session is $50 paid by US check or US money order. For a pet owner/pet combo or to add an extra pet to the session, add $25 per person or per extra pet.  Includes a bottle of remedies for each.

Contact christy [at] whidbey [dot] com to schedule an appointment and set up payment.

In-person sessions available on Whidbey Island and in the Seattle area, extra fees for mileage may occur. International shipping of remedies will be charged separately.


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